This is an old bust I had sculpted in 2014, base on a concept by Anna Nikonova :
You may like the more saturated colors of the old one better, but I really tried to get closer to the concept.
I generally don't revisit older work, I don't think it's very productive. But this one was really starting to look outdated in my portfolio, but at the same time I really liked it and it was hard for me to remove it. So I decided to give it a facelift.
This was only supposed to be a minor render upgrade, from Mental Ray in 3dsmax to Arnold in Maya but I ended up redoing almost everything from scratch because all I could find was a decimated mesh and everything was sculpted in one solid piece. So yeah, the 2 hours fun update ended taking 2 weeks.

PS : Arnold's anisotropy sucks

Old version  from 2014

Old version from 2014

Original concept by Anna Nikonova (link in description)

Original concept by Anna Nikonova (link in description)