Box Battalion by Shaun Mooney

This is a 3d rendition of an artwork by Shaun Mooney
I really liked the design and colors and thought it would be a fun challenge to recreate it in 3D.
This is a real time model, because I work in video games now. I did not really set myself a budget but tried to work as if it was for a production, trying not to waste any polygon and stacking UVs when possible.
A bit under 14K triangles for everything. Two sets of 2K maps, one for the tank and one for the environment.

Oh, and happy Canada Day everyone ! (yeah this is how I spent my holiday)

Olivier couston screenshot006

Beauty render in Marmoset

Marmoset Viewer

Box Battalion on Sketchfab

Olivier couston screenshot007

The back view is a bit boring, I should add more junk

Olivier couston screenshot003
Olivier couston tank color
Olivier couston set color