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Here comes a new challenger

Work In Progress / 23 May 2020

So, I never did anything with my Cammy character. I had some plans but kinda got distracted with other projects and lose interest a bit. Now that most of them are wrapped up, I'm motivated again to work on this one. The initial plan did not involve any other character. Then I started making Edmond Honda, based on a concept by Javier Burgos and thought it would be cool to make a scene with him and Cammy but the styles did not really match. So I decided to make another female character, based on the same body as Cammy. Naturally, I picked Chun Li

First off, Chun Li is often depicted with huge legs (and boobs), but since I had already made Cammy with big legs (and boobs), I wanted her to look different. I went with thinner proportions but still athletic. I made her slightly taller than Cammy (which was rather short, so she is still on the smaller side). For consistency, I kept the head approximately the same size and I made sure the eyes where exactly the same size, just slightly more apart to emphasize the asian look.

I did not use any specific reference, but I'm leaning more toward the Street Fighter Alpha look than her classic traditional Chinese outfit. Beside this, I don't really know where I'm going. So I'm just trying things and came up with three versions. I have a slight preference for one, but I'll probably grab some elements from each version. Keep in mind this is just design exploration, quick and dirty, using dynamesh and dynamic subdivs, once I settle on something, I'll make everything nice and clean.

Let me know in comments which one you prefer or which combination you think would work better

Finally, the most important part, the face. Chun Li is supposed to be Chinese, which is not always obvious in game if it wasn't for her classic outfit. So I decided to work on that. After a couple of days of fiddling, I think was able to capture the asian look without falling into racist stereotype territory (I hope at least). She may look a bit more Japanese than Chinese though. She still need some polish, especially around the eyes

Anyway, now that I have posted this, I'm probably going to forget her for a bit, work on something else and resume work in 6 months