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Cammy Update

General / 17 February 2018
Hello guys and girls, I wanted to share this update, my Cammy character is pretty much done, almost two years after I started. I worked on many other things at the same time, including a freakin Genji helmet replica. So yeah, I took my time, but I learned a lot in the process. But I don't want to post her in my gallery until the final images are done, which might take a while, because I want to put her in a set I also have to model. And I also want to try to rig her, in which a I have little to no experience. But that's the point of this project, learning new stuff. When I started, I knew very little about Arnold, had only groomed a couple of characters, had never touched Substance Painter or Marvelous Designer, and now I have a production pipeline ready character made with all these tools. That's why i want to take it a step further and teach myself rigging with her, but it might take a while :)

And yes, I did modify her nose after all.

Clothes in Marvelous Designer (fun!)

Textures in Substance Painter

Not sure about giving her a cigarette, but I just wanted to see if I could do it in Substance Painter. Now I have one just in case. It's about 99% done with generators and procedurals.

At first, the bandaid on her knee was the usual tanned color, but a friend pointed out it was barely visible and looked more like a shading error than an actual bandaid, so I decided to make it more obvious.