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Cammy Model Update

General / 07 July 2018


Sorry for spamming about my model for sale (only $5!) but this is more of an update for people who already bought it. I don't really have any way to let you guys know that I updated the package, so I'm using this blog.

Yesterday I added an alternate version of the model, in which I converted the Yeti grooms into polygon geometry. I realized that very few people owned Yeti and that it was probably a turn off.

So now when you open the scene without Yeti, at least you'll see some place holder geometry. This is still not perfect, I had to turn the density way down, but already better than Chimio Cammy.

I'm still learning how to use Xgen and hopefully will find an easy way to convert my groom from Yeti.

So I updated the scenes.rar file and also zbrush.rar because I included the hair in the zbrush tools while I was at it.

You can download these files here

I also fixed a wrong texture path for the nude body displacement.