Cammy Model


This is my Cammy fan art character. You get the final model, ready to render, but also all the construction files (Zbrush, Marvelous designer, Substance Painter), so can see how everything was made.

The model is not rigged at the moment but it was made with production pipeline in mind, so everything has a clean topology, no sculpt imported in Maya. If I ever rig it, I'll update this page so you can download

YETI hair system required for proper Hair rendering. If you don't have Yeti, I included a version with polygon hair, converted from the original yeti groom. It doesn't look as nice, but at least she won't be bald.

I'm working on converting hair to Xgen but it's trickier than I though. I will update the files when it's ready.

This model is for educational purpose. You are free to use the mesh/textures as a starting point to make your own character. However, if you plan to render it as is, for lighting or shading practice, credits to the original author (me) would be appreciated.

UPDATE 2018-07-06 : added polygon hair for people who don't have Yeti. You can download scenes.rar again to get it. I also moved the OBJ files to their own archive exportOBJ.rar to maintain smaller file sizes. I also added the hair to the Zbrush tool.

What you get:

  • My base female topology in OBJ format : you can use it for any project.
  • The Maya 2018 scene, setup for rendering with Arnold and Yeti.
  • Clothed and nude version in the same scene. Use display layers to switch.
  • Alternate Maya version, with polygonal hair.
  • all the textures in EXR/TIF format, including vector displacement.
  • The Zbrush tool, containing all the objects with subdivision levels.
  • Substance Painter 2018 files for each object, with layers correctly named.
  • Marvelous Designer 7 patterns for all the clothes.

Make sure to open the Readme.txt file for instructions on how to setup the scene for render.

When rendering, make sure the color management profile is set to Linear srgb. Also set the Transmission ray depth higher than 0 in Arnold's render settings, or the eyes will render black.

You will need an archive extractor like WinRar or 7zip to open RAR files.

I think all the required files are here, but I could have missed a texture, so make sure to reach me through my Artstation profile if you have any issue.

Release Notes

Sorry, no rig or xgen yet, this is just a maintenance update

BUG FIX : I had left some utility nodes from the now deprecated ALShaders. If you did not have those installed on your system, some objects like the eyes or the braid ties would render black. I replaced them with standard maya node (gamma and range) and now it works as intended. Sorry about that.

ADDED : Tongue. Yes, for some reason the character had no tongue. One of those things I just kept pushing back and forgot about. Now it's here, with textures.

UPDATED : Substance Painter scene for the body. The character model in the substance painter scene was not the last version (old face). So I updated the model, but also did some clean up to the layers, renamed stuff, moved things around to be clearer. I took the dirt, sweat and bruises out of the main layer stack, so they can easily be turned on and off or adjusted. I also added a scattering channel to take advantage of the new SSS feature.

To get these updates, you'll have to re-download the scenes, sourceimages and substance archives. I did not modify the other files. sourceimages is only if you care about the tongue textures, which may not justify a 4.5 gig download.

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