Cammy - Modeling WIP - 2016

I generally don't like to post WIPs, but since I have not uploaded anything in a while and that I have been working on this one for quiet some time, I decided to post it as it is because I don't know when I get to finish it. The idea of this project is to pose Cammy (from Street Fighter) in a full set representing a military base, with a plane in the background, a bit like the game's fighting stage. We'll see. I use this project as an opportunity to develop and improve skills, starting with a brand new female topology (it's heavy I know, but on purpose). I will also try to make the clothes in Marvelous Designer and the textures in Substance Painter.

The hair is just a placeholder for now, it will be replaced with Yeti hair

Olivier couston cammy002
Olivier couston cammy005
Olivier couston cammy001
Olivier couston cammy006
Olivier couston cammy003
Olivier couston cammy007
Olivier couston cammy004
Olivier couston capture18
Olivier couston capture23
Olivier couston capture22
Olivier couston capture19
Olivier couston capture21