Pretty boy

This is an old sketch I made back in 2010 or 2011, I don't remember. I still kinda like it, so I decided to include it here. I might re-render it. I also attached photos of the 3d print I made of it, on my Ultimaker, and the resin casting I made

Olivier couston 219898 1297893689 orig

Original 3d render, back in 2010

Olivier couston 941386 10151590591878605 1598929824 n

Printing on an Ultimaker, first generation, 3 years later

Olivier couston 577665 10151595635478605 336734162 n

Printed result, sanded and primed with spray paint

Olivier couston 947372 10151595635418605 1018640832 n

I loose some of the sharpness because I sanded it a bit too hard

Olivier couston 969062 10151595635413605 1115494786 n
Olivier couston 969581 10151595635408605 987374144 n

Then I just left on my desk and forgot it for another couple of years

Olivier couston 14681813 10154543911793605 4992993855952812268 n

Fast forward to 2016, I decided to try mold making on this guy. I sanded it more, used filler, car wax, and now it's all smooth. To create a two-parts mold, I first made one of the shells with Monster Clay

Olivier couston 14717115 10154543911798605 1173502491431514744 n

I poured silicone onto that, then removed the clay. I get a perfect negative.

Olivier couston 14670611 10154543911808605 6254893897110453729 n

Then I poured the second half on top of that (making sure to use a release agent so the two parts don't fuse together. I can finally take my master out

Olivier couston 14717035 10154543911813605 3496775472494549031 n

Finally, I close the mold and poured resin in cavity where the master used to be. The waiting time is only 20 minutes, but it felt like forever.

Olivier couston 14705680 10154543911803605 6927567471557437607 n

Tada! Just a little bit of clean up needed around middle the seam line, but I'm pretty happy with the result for a first try

Olivier couston 14656338 10154543911958605 201032050850743025 n

After a bit of cleaning. Even the ears turn out ok :)