It's been a while I did not post anything! Been busy with other things, like work.
Here is finally a new personal artwork I have been working on for quiet some time now.
His name is Justin, he was designed by Johannes Helgeson :
I might come back to it later to redo the hair with Yeti, now that I have learned how to use it. I also used Arnold to render this one, while I had been using Mental Ray up to this point

Olivier couston justin
Olivier couston 10528355 10153615970143605 7268029719347493116 o

Pose test

Olivier couston 12140034 10153610166333605 8526428941517558811 o

Final shading

Olivier couston 11228056 10153552029238605 3250343363545297721 o

shading WIP

Olivier couston 11960034 10153530813173605 3713207649637300662 n
Olivier couston 10956738 10153530813153605 3389141256963211436 n
Olivier couston 11222251 10153530813168605 5633751308322404701 n
Olivier couston 11898659 10153505019988605 4505548828504994458 n
Olivier couston 11887905 10153494940093605 3389246576136094262 n