Cammy - Shading WIP

I finally got back to work on my Street Fighter Cammy Re-Imagined project, one year later. I'm going to put it on hold again indefinitely because while I'm happy with the progress I made on a technical point of view, I'm not sure if this is going in the direction I want artistically. I learnt a lot about hair and shading while working on her, but now I got in this weird spot where the modeling and shading styles don't really match.

She looks like an MMA fighter right now, but this just because I gave her some sport underwears. While I'm not going for the iconic look, she will still be an army girl

Olivier couston cammy01
Olivier couston capture42
Olivier couston capture48
Olivier couston capture49
Olivier couston capture50
Olivier couston capture51

boobie shot with short focal :)

Olivier couston capture41
Olivier couston capture
Olivier couston capture02